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Uppsala is situated on the East coast of Sweden, and is, with its 200,000 inhabitants the fourth largest city in Sweden. From Uppsala it is only a 18-minute train ride to Stockholm Arlanda International Airport and only a 2 – 3 hour flight to most major European cities.

Uppsala retains the charm of a small town while offering major urban opportunities and attractions. Anywhere you look, Uppsala is teeming with liveliness. There are two universities here, and Uppsala is considered to be the religious and historic centre of Sweden. At the same time, the atmosphere is youthful, with its more than 40,000 university students playing a significant role in this exuberance. The city is known to be a small town with the pulse of a big city, and here hotels, conference facilities, restaurants, shopping malls and attractions are all within walking distance of one another.

Conference and meeting facilities

- Functional and inspiring venues for every kind of meeting...

Professionals/organizers who are making reservations for meetings, events and accommodations in Uppsala are always pleased to discover that everything is near to everything else. Most of Uppsala’s conference and convention venues are situated beside restaurants, accommodation, and other valued services. If you want to arrange a commercial exhibition, you will find good access to locations and services in Uppsala, where we have excellent conference facilities for up to 2,500 delegates.

There are many exciting environments for meetings in Uppsala. Why not hold your welcoming ceremonies in one of the venerable historical buildings that are available here for your use? There is also a wide selection of conference locations that range in atmosphere and style from genuine visitor landmarks with beautiful or romantic surroundings, on to popular locations with spacious and thoroughly modern facilities. The array of cuisine in restaurants also makes it easy to plan group meals of all sizes at attractive establishments that provide fine food and commendable services.
Overnight accommodation

Whether you want to live in luxury or on a tight budget, Uppsala has something that will please you. Best of all, most lodgings are quite near to conference facilities, restaurants, shopping, swimming and sightseeing attractions. Uppsala is the 'small town big city' that provides top quality services along with an atmosphere that is distinguished with personalized hospitality. You can count on a warm reception at any of Uppsala’s 30 hotels, where there are beds for almost 2,650 visitors. Dedication to service is a priority, and all staff are highly trained and skilled at taking care of conference guests who arrive with varied needs and wishes.

Places to visit & entertainment

- Uppsala is richly endowed with cultural treasures

Uppsala is rich in cultural life and has much to offer in the way of events, performances, concerts, exhibits, festivals, recitals, and other scheduled cultural attractions. There are classic cultural treasures in the architecture and institutions all around this historical city. The selection of musical performances is wide and includes jazz, classical, church music, pop, rock, and the hottest contemporary groups and styles.

Folk music performances are frequently heard around Uppsala. Museums, galleries and handicraft workshops offer exciting shows and festivals. Authorised Uppsala guides are able to relate the tales about Uppsala at all of the city‘s interesting sights. In addition to performances on stages and at music clubs around town, another excellent suggestion to spice your group‘s entertainment is to order special events yourself, such as Viking dinners, costumed performances, or musical entertainment.

You can find lots more information about places, events, schedules, and entertainment by www.destinationuppsala.se web site.

When it comes to activities and excursions, Uppsala has a terrific variety to choose from. Whether you want to go on boat trips or fishing trips, play golf or play tennis, or simply enjoy the beautiful outdoors, Uppsala can happily accommodate you, no matter which month you visit.  

Shopping opportunities

It is easy to go on shopping tours in Uppsala because this is a city where stores are neatly assembled within walking distance of each other. Furthermore, there are three shopping malls on the outskirts of the city centre. Sweden is renowned for traditional as well as modernistic design, and Swedish handiwork retains its reputation for being of the highest quality. Genuine Swedish products such as crystal glass, ceramics, woodwork, fashions, and furniture will also be found in Uppsala’s appealing assortment of shops and boutiques.

Airports in Uppsala

To and from Arlanda Airport

To get to Uppsala, there are several airport shuttles and trains every hour from Arlanda Airport. Uppland's local traffic operates the shuttle bus (www.ul.se). Arlanda Airport is the largest airport in Sweden and has 167 different flight destinations around the world.

To and from Västerås Airport

AirPorter, an airport shuttle, will take you from Västerås Airport to Uppsala (www.airporter.se). 

We can help you!

Destination Uppsala is the official, non-profit convention bureau for Uppsala and provides assistance free of charge to meeting planners considering siting conferences, association meetings, and corporate meetings in Uppsala. If you are planning to arrange a conference or a congress in Uppsala please contact Destination Uppsala for further information about conference facilities, accommodation, transport, sights, etc. This is what Uppsala Convention Bureau can help you with, at no cost:

> Information about conference facilities, accommodations, transport and activities,
> Brochures, slide presentations, roll-up displays, images, and marketing material
> Study trips and site inspections for meeting planners and organization committees,
> Drawing up a meeting application/bid,
> Support in making the presentation to the organization committee,
> Contacts with the municipality, county council, and business community.

Contact information

Uppsala Convention Bureau - Destination Uppsala
Visiting address: Stationsgatan 12
Postal address: SE - 753 40 Uppsala
Phone: +46 (0) 18 27 48 00/ 076-761 83 35
E-mail: uppsalacvb@destinationuppsala.se